Lake Temescal

Wood ducks and other wonderful creatures in the middle of Oakland

Bay to Breakers 2009

A traditional San Francisco footrace, with some of the tens of thousands of runners actually registered and many of them wearing clothes.

Asiana Flight 214

San Francisco International Airport after the crash of Asiana flight 214

Pillow Fight 2013

Every Valentine's Day at 6pm a huge pillow fight erupts in front of the clock tower of the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Here's what it looks like.

Cupid's Undie Run 2013

A little San-Francisco-flavored Valentine's Day race, serving as a fun fundraiser for the Children's Tumor Foundation

Red, White, and Burn

South bay fire dancers' get-together and 4th of July party

Rated R 2003-2011

A few of my Burning Man and other event photos featuring artistic nudity. Password protected so they aren't inadvertently selected as random Fotki pictures-of-the-day.

To open the gate, one and only one word shall do. Innermost BRC ring name thou must; shift key touchest thou not. Burner thou art, know it thou dost. Burner thou art not, ask one thou must.

San Francisco

San Francisco at night in detail, the Golden Gate bridge, and other sights

Ferry Building Fire Dance

A little Temple of Poi fire dancer photo shoot at the Ferry Building at the foot of Market Street in San Francisco


Google campus dinosaur and nearby fun activities

Burning Dan Memorial

Fire dance memorial service for Burning Dan at Flowspace

Fire Drums 2010

The last Fire Drums to be held at Cutter Scout Reservation

Nocturnal Sunshine 2010

Santa Cruz-based fire performance troupe on a beach one December evening


Several Tibetan monks from Loseling Phukhang Khamtsen Monastery spent a week making this intricate mandala in my building at Google and then destroyed it. These photos capture a bit of the creation and destruction process.

UN Plaza

A little UN Plaza fire dance organized by the Temple of Poi

Union Square Expo 2010

Temple of Poi's fire dance show in Union Square, San Francisco

Flowspace Party 2010

Second annual pre-FireDrums party at Flowtoys' Flowspace

Show-Me 2

Second night of Temple of Poi fire conclave tryout performances

Roger's Visit

Roger Lai, who moved away to the UK a few years ago, back visiting his fire friends.